Bass Announces Promotions


We are pleased to announce three important promotions at Bass.

Jared Kleinhaus has been promoted to the role of Fabrication Superintendent. His primary responsibility in this role is to lead and develop personnel and to ensure efficient production under the Fabrication Services line. Before joining Bass to manage Quality Control, Kleinhaus was previously a welding instructor at Lancaster County Career & Technology Center - Brownstown Campus. He holds 20 years of industry experience.

George Reed has been promoted to the role of Mechanical Superintendent. Reed's primary responsibility is to also lead all personnel and manage efficiency under the Mechanical Services line. Before stepping into the Superintendent role, Reed was previously a Mechanical Field Supervisor with Bass and holds 27 years of experience in the industry.

Rob Wenger has been promoted to the role of Electrical Superintendent. Similar to the other service line Superintendent positions, Wenger is also in charge of all personnel, future personnel needs, and efficiency under the Electrical Services line. Wenger has 30 years of experience in the electrical field and has been with Bass since 2014.