Bass Mechanical Earns AISC Building Fabricator Certification

Bass Mechanical, Inc. is proud to announce that they have received certification as a Certified Building Fabricator by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). AISC Certification represents that Bass Mechanical has the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures, and commitment to meet AISC’s strict steel fabrication standards.

Bass Mechanical has been in the process of shifting their business focus under their Fabrication and Erection division more towards structural steel within the past few years which has prompted Bass to apply for AISC Certification. 

Bass Mechanical passed the Certified Building Fabricator audit in July with certification being official September 13, 2016. The audit was passed with only one corrective action which was corrected by the completion of the audit. This is considered impressive for a company’s first audit through the AISC. Bass Mechanical is one of 69 AISC Certified Building Fabricators in Pennsylvania and one of five certified companies in Lancaster, Pa.

“The Baum family and all of Bass Mechanical’s employees are extremely dedicated, focused and committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality of structural steel in the industry” said Jerry Miller, Chief Operations Officer and Quality Control Director. “Our quality of work, commitment to schedule, and well-being of our employees and customers are our primary focus here at Bass”.

CEO and Co-Owner, Casey Baum, mentions “This certification is a move in the right direction for Bass as we move into focusing more on structural steel under our Fabrication and Erection division. The AISC program reflects on Bass’ nature to take pride in every piece that leaves the shop doors, highlights the exceptional work produced by our foundation, the employees, and demonstrates our commitment to quality for our customers.”

Bass Mechanical will be working towards pursuing the AISC Steel Erector Certification within the next 6 months.

AISC Certification sets the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most recognized national quality certification program in the industry. This certification is awarded to companies that demonstrate a dedication to quality and show that they have the personnel, knowledge, organization, equipment, experience, capability, procedures and commitment to produce quality work within the industry. This certification requires an in-depth evaluation which requires a comprehensive administrative review, a documentation audit and a third party on-site audit conducted by AISC’s independent auditing company, Quality Management Company, LCC. After a company is certified, an annual review process ensures confirmation of continuing commitment to quality.