National Welding Month '18

Every April, National Welding Month is celebrated with the sole purpose of recognizing the impact that welding has in our community and everyday life. Each and every day construction sites, manufacturing plants, and shipyards are filled with skilled welding professionals who work to build America’s structures and products. The month of April is a chance to spotlight every welder that contributed to the welding industry’s past, present, and future.

At Bass, we wanted to celebrate National Welding Month by showcasing a few of our hard working welders that act as the seam not just to our projects but also to our business. These guys dedicate their life to being “under the hood” and “laying sick beads”.





William Settle

Shop Foreman

Bill’s favorite welding process is SMAW - otherwise known as stick welding. He has 5 1/2 years’ experience under the hood and is #TeamLincoln when it comes to welder brands! Our guys #StackDimes for days!






Ed Kosmela


Ed has been #LayingBeads for about 30 years. He started out this venture with pipe welding on board ships with the US Navy. Ed is #TeamLincoln when it comes to welder brands.