Out with the Old, In with the New; Holtwood Dam Guide Bearing Renewal

After being underwater since the Holtwood Dam was built back in 1910, it was time for one of the dam's lower turbine guide bearings to become unsubmerged, cleaned up, and renewed. This is the second bearing renewal that Bass has done for the Holtwood Dam in the past year and a half.

For this project, it was also contracted for Bass to provide final drawings for the bearing since the original prints were faded due to being so old.

After re-drafting the drawings and upon receiving the large guide bearing, as pictured below, the bearing had to be taken apart and sent off for blasting in order to be cleaned up. After its' abrasive blast, the piece was sent back to Bass to get a fresh coat of primer and for the new machined pieces to be reassembled back into one unit. Take a peak at the before and after pictures below!