Inspiring Our Next Generation: MFG Day 2018

Over the next decade, it is expect that nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled. With the conventional four-year college push, trade schools labeled as the “alternative”, and baby boomers retiring, position openings in the trades are more than plentiful.

In support of raising awareness about pursuing a career in the trades, Bass participated in our second year of MFG (Manufacturing) Day! This day is held and celebrated to address common misperceptions about the manufacturing industry and to give companies like ours an opportunity to open our doors, invite the youth, and educate them on the opportunities that they have in choosing a path that leads to working in the trades. MFG Day’s main goal is to help our communities and future generations thrive and to showcase what the trades have to offer.

This year, we were proud to host a group of students from Lancaster County Academy on Tuesday, October 23rd! Bass’ MFG Day consisted of a presentation, shop tour, and an interactive activity. For the activity, the students had the opportunity to assemble their own mini Bass sign!

Bass is honored to take part in the MFG Day initiative in order to help bridge the skills gap and educate our local youth about the many opportunities available to them in the future!