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Over the past year and half our Marketing team took a hard look at the state of Bass Mechanical’s brand. For over 20 years Bass has continued to adapt and grow.

We still provide a high level of craftsmanship, service and company culture. We still have an extensive list of loyal customers. But, as every organization experiences, times change. Since our founding in 1996, our services have shifted, our culture has grown, skilled men and women have joined our team (our family), and many have moved on. Including the passing of our Founder, Aldus E. Baum, just a few years ago. Through all of these changes and hardships… Bass has prevailed, thanks to you, our employees and customers.

Through this rebranding process, we took a strong look at where we came from, and where we’re heading. We needed to pursue innovation while honoring our tradition. We needed to be bold, and be willing to constantly challenge ourselves. Through such efforts, strategically align the brand of Bass Mechanical with a new mission, set of values and aesthetic. Needless to say, we had a lot of work to do.

We set out on a journey to redefine our brand direction and visual identity. It would now be an understatement to say that there has been a change at Bass.



During our rebranding, we discovered a vast portion of our customers were fellow engineers, electricians, and builders to the core. Our new design and messaging needed to resonate with this experienced group. In order to further connect our company with our customers, we developed a shared purpose… a new mission and vision for Bass Mechanical.  Our New mission, vision and values will be released next year (summer 2019).

Since our founding, the spirit of Bass has always come to light when individuals, and the company as a whole, know that we’re helping our customers to succeed. Our testimony of success, is their success.

A recent quote in a common email from our CEO, highlighted this...

“My personal mission at Bass Mechanical is to grow the business through sustainable relationships – both internally and externally. This results in employees that are empowered, vendors that are engaged, and customers that feel our business is an extension of their own. By doing this, we ultimately drive innovation and profitability for all companies involved, as a team. Plus, it’s hell of a lot more fun this way. – Casey Baum

As we look forward, our design and messaging will be in this spirit, and we’ll continue to instill the trust in our customers that we will deliver on that promise.



Next came the task of putting everything about this new brand of ours into a singular visual representation – a new Bass logo! Throughout the research phase a few themes emerged. Most importantly, we wanted the logo to maintain a bit of its history, by keeping a visual hint of a bass fish. And secondly, we wanted to give our customers the sensation of bold, trusting, and innovative forward motion.



We also considered the history and landscape of other contractors across the country. On average,  contracting companies date back 45 years! Although BASS has been around for over 20 years, we're fairly "new" in comparison. Furthermore, we noticed an unusual sense of pride and patriotism. Over the last 100 years, dozens of contracting companies across the nation would pop up shortly after a war, rallying together to support their country. The majority of these companies used patriotic colors (Red and Blue) as well as a large letter to symbolize their family or company name. We wanted to honor these findings as well as simplify as our name and icon as much as possible.


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Throughout our process of refining our values, we began using visual metaphors, to illustrate the new logo. As seen below, there are several metaphors, some more obvious than others that narrate the story of the (B) icon. From the clean linework representing our craftsmanship to the sublet (B) that looks like a fish jumping out of the water, reflective of our original Fish logo (seen below).


Another goal of the logo was to simplify the critically complex details of our industry.  As seen in a simple drawing schematic below, the logo acts as bold, recognizable icon amidst countless details. The logo also uses clean, hard lines and angles, no curves to give a sense of solid foundation and clean craftsmanship.

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The final consideration we had, was to consider whether or not to keep the name of Bass Mechanical, Inc. Although we have become attached to it, we felt the name wasn't representative of our services, and decided to simplify the name from (Bass Mechanical Inc.) to just (BASS). This effort will help reduce confusion of services, and further simplify the brand.

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Through this adventure, we are pleased to present the new visual identity of BASS! A logo we hope our company and customers alike, grow to love, wear and treat as their own "badass" brand :)





We'RE excited!

that we now have a brand that communicates the drive & craftsmanship behind what we do each and every day.